Zig Bugs Water Boatmen x4 - ESP

These have been taking the market by storm over the last few years! Ideally suited to use in the upper layers of the water column they feature a bright underside to attract fish from all angles. Designed to mimic hatches of water boatmen which are prevalent through the spring, these have proven to be deadly when fished zig-style for carp feeding on naturals up in the water. Expertly tied to super sharp Curve-Shanx hooks and buoyant enough to support a long mono hook link, the black foam body acts as a silhouette, replicating a bug perfectly and acting as a lure to carp feeding aggressively on fly hatches. The four bugs have different coloured bellies pearl, red, green and yellow which add a visual flash of colour for added attraction.


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N°10 10.99€
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N°10 Barbless 10.99€
N°8 Barbless 10.99€
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